You better fly!

You better fly!

I wanted this to be in one of my genesis posts on faith because it carries a message that will stay with me for years and hopefully you too, will be encouraged.

A few years ago my boss put up an image and it was captioned ‘tough love’. The image depicted a mother bird kicking her helpless fledgling out of its nest and exclaiming with such confidence ‘fly’. This is very typical in nature. The mother bird will usually kick her young, inexperienced and underdeveloped chick into the wind to teach her how to fly. The question I ask myself is why wouldn’t mother bird demonstrate how to fly by flying herself. Why won’t she gently rub the feathers of her chick and softly say ‘I know you can do it’. Maybe that will touch her emotions in a different way. Why does she have to kick the frail weakling out of its cozy , safe, little home? Aka comfort zone.
I look at all the inconveniences that may arise from this training. The chick may land hard and get hurt , they may be picked up by predators, they may be pierced by branches, they may fall a few times. They may even be scarred by the possibility of flying again. These are facts that I couldn’t overlook.
But then this striking image got me thinking about myself and my entire life. Like this baby bird, I had found myself in numerous situations being kicked out of what I knew to be my comfort zone. I learnt a hard truth that I had lived afraid for a long time and I had been unconscious of it mainly because I justified it. Yes, you can justify your fears without even knowing it.

You can justify your fears without even knowing it.

I’ll show you how through this same scenario, with a little background conversation. Hopefully this paints a picture of who I was a few years ago. There’s mother bird and there’s me. ( Mother bird represents any person within my support system)
Allow your imagination to flow with me.

Mother bird: Fly!
Me: I can’t. Are you serious? I know what I’m saying. What about the birds of the air? What if a bird picks on my eye? And that cat in the backyard down there. I can see it from here. If I fall there, it will have me for a good lunch.
Mother bird: I’m kicking you out now.
Me: Don’t!
Mother bird: You’re afraid
Me: Me? I’m not afraid. I’m just thinking about all the possibilities of something going wrong.
Mother bird:That’s fear
Me: Its not fear. Its thinking. Being strategic.


In reality this conversation can go on for a whole year. And if you realize all the reasons given are disguised excuses and yet they may sound factual. I write this from a place of growth by the knowledge and the Grace of God, because thankfully I’ve grown beyond this point. I’ve learnt through processes and situations time and again that fear is a spirit and will keep you stuck in places that you were never meant to be.

Fear is a spirit that will keep you stuck in places you were never meant to be.

I’ve learnt that sometimes you settle for less because you are simply afraid and you’re too fearful to admit that you are. I’ve learnt that the comfort zone can be a subtle synonym for mediocrity, and then I’ve learnt that on the other side of fear are opportunities, breakthroughs, potential and ultimately purpose.
These lessons have become more meaningful as I’ve grown in my walk with God. It has shown me how to deal with situations from the root and how to refuse to be comfortable. If I were still comfortable, I would have never started this blog.

One of the greatest ways to conquer fear is to major on the love of God. It does not happen overnight but you’ve got to believe it every day of your life. You’ve got to believe that God loves you, beyond your wildest imagination . Because He loves you, He wants the best for you. His perfect love casts away all fear. (1 John 4:18)
Fear is a spirit that cripples you from advancing into your destiny. It comes in many ways and forms. Sometimes it can be as evident as a strong heartbeat or a sweaty palm, or a shaky voice or it can be numerous excuses that end up stunting your growth. Boldness on the other hand comes from an awareness of who you have been made in Christ. Scripture tells us in Proverbs 28:1 that the righteous are as bold as a lion. To fight fear is to stand on the unchangeable truth of God’s Word and on that basis, move steadfast towards your God given destiny. It takes time, but while you’re in the process, don’t give place to the enemy. Fight him at all costs. Then don’t overthink anything. When you have a great support system(which means you must have one) telling you to fly, you better fly, because guess who’s got your back? Not just God, but a cloud of great witnesses, believing in the purpose and potential hidden in your heart.

I have my boss to thank for inspiring this post and for being a part of the Mother bird squad.



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