On God’s mind

On God’s mind

The testimony of believing God for the “little”

I pray that God reveals who He is to me. I pray that God really begins to unveil how He sees me and as much as I’m embracing His love for me each day, I still think there’s more to it. There’s more love than my mind can fathom and my heart can receive. Sometimes I think God has bigger issues to deal with in the world. You know…persecution of churches elsewhere etc. Why would he care about some of the little details of my life? What happens is, I begin to trust Him for the big stuff and figure out the ‘small’ stuff. And to be honest, I have never figured them out. God always always comes through for me. Always. When I set out to start the blog, the name ‘faith and avocado’ was already taken. I remember how I got the name on my way to work one day in a bus. I believed with all my heart that it was an inspired name. I didn’t sit and forge it. The name came to me. However, that did not change the fact that the name was taken. Interestingly, it was taken but it was inactive online. So what did I do? I sent an email to the account holder who lived overseas and explained the situation to her. Months went by yet  the blog was still up with zero activity. God knows how Google reminded me of the number of times I visited the web page. One day I just prayed out ‘God, I really believe this is the name but nothing seems to change so help me with another name’. I became so frustrated so I tried to figure out another name .  I contacted my amazing website developer and told him the new name and he set up the blog with the new name. A week later, I was in the office and I decided to check the original website. Your girl is shocked by what she sees. Account suspended. I checked the Instagram just to be sure. Account did not exist! What in the world could be happening? I called my website developer. I narrated the whole story to him and he advised me on the next step. It took me a while to soak it all in and I had to keep asking God; “are you interested in this one too?” Believe me when I say that coincidence has very little relevance in the things of God. Believe me when I say that God cares about the very little details of your life. Why He does that? I’m not sure. But like David, I also ask, what is man that thou art mindful of Him(Psalm 8:4) I’m certain He does because His Word says so.
It tells you that the very hairs on your head are numbered.(Matthew 10:30)
It tells you that before you were formed, He knew you(Jeremiah 1:5)
It tells you that He knows your thoughts from afar.(Psalm 139:2)
It tells you that He loved you so much that He gave His best for you.(John 3:16) What else will He withhold after giving you His best.

Be convinced of this, that if you can trust God with your life, you can trust Him with everything else.

The real excitement for me was not because I got the blog name back. It is that a sovereign God will care for me, and cause favor to come my way. They say it is the little things that build your faith and indeed it is. Your faith must be exercised. You don’t just get faith. You start by believing that once you are on God’s mind, you can always go to Him and he will hear you.

You should be secured in the fact that you are on God’s mind. He thinks about you and has great thoughts for you. The best way to experience this is to give Him the life that He gave you, and be convinced of this, that if you can trust God with your life, you can trust Him with every thing else.


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