Living intentionally

Living intentionally

It is impossible for me to write and not talk about being a Christian. It is not a tick I make on a regular form or something I wear as a badge. It is my way of life and the ONLY thing that gives my life meaning. As I grow, I realize that it is not enough to receive Christ as your personal Savior, because the world and everything in it keeps changing and if you are not intentional about pursuing Him and walking in His purpose for your life, you are most likely to go with the flow and conform to the ever changing demands of society. Society screams at us each day, telling us who we should be, how we should look and even the kind of goals we should set for ourselves. It is everywhere, literally in our faces. You are most likely to chase ambition and everything that looks pleasing and forfeit the very reason why you were created. I spend time reading a lot on social media and sometimes I come across these ‘motivational’ quotes and snippets about finding yourself, knowing you, doing you etc. Most of the time, as much as the writers mean well, I realize it lacks substance and most definitely lacks the truth of God’s Word. This is because people are trying to find themselves outside of the One who made them and it does not work that way. People depend on their personalities to define themselves. Others depend on their experiences, and then, there are those who depend on other people’s perception to find who they are. All these are so fickle because no one knows you better than the One who made you and any attempt to know yourself and be yourself must begin with a revelation by the One who made you. It is a simple law even in nature and in everything around us- no one knows the product better than the producer.

Any attempt to know yourself and be yourself must begin with a revelation by the One who made you.

Therefore, living intentionally is to acknowledge firstly that you were made with an intention. You did not just arrive on the surface of this earth by chance or coincidence even if natural laws dictate so. By doing this, you go back to the One who made you and develop a relationship with Him, so that He can reveal you to you. Secondly, living intentionally is to realize that every day you live is a reminder that you ought to live out the purpose for which you were made. No one else can do what only you were made to do. To know and understand that you were made for a purpose is not some kind of a cliché to make you feel relevant or good about yourself. It is a daily truth you must live by. For God to create man (both male and female) and call them ‘good’(Genesis 1:31) means that man is profitable. There is something on the inside of man that God needs to fulfil His agenda. With our flaws and fears, God still sees that one great pearl and it is because of that pearl that He chose to sacrifice a great deal for us.(John 3:16) I believe the knowledge of purpose conquers depression, it conquers doubt and it conquers low self-image because purpose makes all our experiences meaningful. (Romans 8:28). He causes all things(the good, the bad, the ugly) to work for our good, because we love Him and are the called according to his purpose.

Purpose makes all of our experiences meaningful.

Every morning if you can tell yourself – I was created by God for a unique purpose, my life is meaningful, God is counting on me to fulfil His purpose on earth, you will see the shift. You will see your perspective change and your life transformed right before your eyes. This is intentional living. It is for us to come to the realization that we were made by Him, and for Him,(Colosians 1:16) and that should settle it. We’re good enough. We’re not just living. We have an agenda to fulfil.

God bless you as you choose to live intentionally for Him.


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