Growing Deep

Growing Deep

Identity and destiny have become my favorite words in my growth as a Christian. The former because I struggled to understand it and what it looked like for me and the latter because it has put meaning to each experience, each training and each victory in my life. Indeed the two words are so connected and are dependent on each other. Being a Christian is a good thing. It is profitable and I have committed to spending the rest of my years entrusting my life to an ever Faithful and True God. Being a Christian offers a graceful and purposeful lifestyle instead of a set of rules to follow. Being a Christian gives you an opportunity to be yourself, while being transformed by the Spirit into who God called you to be. That is why it requires relationship. God gives us the opportunity to have a relationship with Him by acknowledging the death, burial and resurrection of His only Son- Jesus Christ. It is the best thing that ever happened to mankind and the best decision you can give yourself today and always.

I have learnt however that this decision is only the beginning of knowing who you are and the reason why God will give up His best for you. Obviously, there must be something more to you than just what everyone sees on the outside. It is even possible that there is so much more to you than what you see. In the words of my father in the Lord, “the prize always determines the price”. In other words, God paid the ultimate price for us because He recognized our worth and how much He needed us to be the light in a dark world. In case you have ever doubted, God needs you. God sees you as a solution to a problem. That is why He called you very good (profitable) when He made you – Genesis 1:31.

Obviously, there must be something more to you than just what everyone sees on the outside. It is even possible that there is so much more to you than what you see

The greatest questions I have had to ask myself are; Do I see myself the way God sees me? Do I acknowledge that He gave up His best for me? Or have I become too familiar with the extent of sacrifice for me? Am I conscious in my every day walk that I am a solution or have I become overwhelmed with the pressures of measuring up to society’s standards? These are the foundational questions in recognizing your identity. They are the questions that when answered, will give you an understanding of why you are not just existing but living to fulfil a specific purpose. These are the questions that help you appreciate your uniqueness on earth so much that you cannot afford to be anyone else. You cannot strive to be who people want you to be. Neither can you strive to be who you wish you could be because there is so much treasure in who God called you to be.

There is so much treasure in who God called you to be.

I might have to say this to myself a few times when I look in the mirror because it is a real thing. There are so many deceptive voices that suggest to us who we could be, what we could look like, what journey we should have been on and what experiences we should have had. The same voice that reveals the inadequacies of our lives is the same voice that whispered nakedness to Adam and Eve. They were never ashamed until they lost their relationship with God through disobedience (See Genesis 2:25). Sometimes, when you realize you are losing sight of who you are, check your relationship with God. Have you drifted from him due to unconfessed sin? Or maybe you have become too familiar of how much sacrifice was done on your behalf? Rick Warren puts it beautifully; “familiarity always breeds complacency”.

One day, while sitting at my desk working, my mind shifted to someone I admired a lot. I felt like we had a lot in common and she was always a source of inspiration to me. I heard a voice in my head (you know those audible voices) “You are like the Christian version of her”. It sounded good but then I thank God that He did not leave me to believe the lie. You are never a version of someone. You are an original. You are a masterpiece called and chosen before the foundations of the earth was laid. God knew the path you will take and gave you all that you need to become who He called you to be. You may both possess similar talents, gifts or knowledge but two people are never the same.  It also does not make one better than the other. Being a Christian does not even make you better than anyone, because you have been saved only by Grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8). Recognizing this truth changed my shallow way of thinking. I am learning that when we see ourselves the way God sees us, everything in our lives begins to make sense. We begin to understand each experience, trial, error, upbringing and season of our lives. We also begin to humble ourselves more and trust God’s process in our lives. We begin to have strong confidence in God and release the urge to think of ourselves as less. Sometimes you have to fight against the voice that makes you think of yourself different from what God thinks of you because it is an anti-purpose voice.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I resemble both of my parents in the most unusual way. It baffles me too. The structure of my nose always gives me away as my mom’s daughter but when I smile…when I smile, ladies and gentlemen, I am my dad with hair and sideburns. I am indeed their child, but I recognize that I am not them. Definitely not in their level of wisdom, experience and maturity. I understand that God saw my need, my journey and my purpose and saw it fit for me to come through them. One of the books I read by TD Jakes states “Your Identity is distinctly yours and it is not wrapped up in anyone else’s.” As I begin to understand this, I realize that it is changing my life completely.

My prayer for anyone desiring to grow deep is that you do not miss out on any opportunity, breakthrough or victory because you did not think you measure up. I pray that you do not get caught up in societal pressure of being someone else. I pray that you do not compare the uniqueness of our journey to anyone else. I pray that you develop strong confidence as you get to know God through His Word. I pray that you never give up on trying times but you hold on to them as necessary for your destiny. I pray that you are bold to declare that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray that you are patient in whatever season you find yourself. Thank God for all that is, and walk boldly in who He has called you to be.

I also pray for you if you feel lost; that you take the bold decision to have a relationship with God, through His Son Jesus. That is beginning of knowing Him, yourself and all that you can be.

There is always more.



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