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Am I allowed to call myself a writer? I started writing as early as twelve years old. There was a Cuban girl in my class who would draw for me anytime I wrote short stories and then I would give them out to my classmates to read over the vacation. Back then, it was pure fun. Few years later, I stopped writing.  I stopped writing because I stopped believing: believing firstly that writing was a gift worthy of sharing, believing that I had something that the world had to hear, believing that I could be consistent, believing that my writing would impact others as much as I had wanted it to, believing that this was a start to using all that God has blessed me with. The turning point for me was replaying the phrase ‘good and faithful servant’ in my head. Service to me is to use what you have to be a blessing to others. No matter how ‘small’ or ‘insignificant’ you think it is. So now, it is not really about me, but how someone out there desperately needs to hear truth. To write these words of truth is service to me and as much as it blesses others, it most definitely helps me in my own growth firstly as a Christian and also as a young budding writer.

From 2016, I began to learn some life lessons as I worked as a café manager. It was during this period that most of my personal growth began. It changed my perception on what I felt I should write about. I told myself “If I am going to share anything, I have to share the stuff that will make people’s lives better”. Also, I discovered early that I am a foodie! The evidence of my physical body is very contrary to this statement but it is the truth. Overtime, I have defined a foodie as someone who not only likes to eat but loves the community food creates, the art and style of food, the business of it and the whole concept of hospitality. That is who I am.

I finally decided to launch my blog after years of saving all my write-ups in ‘my documents’ on my PC. Faith and Avocado is symbolic of the things I am going to write about. Here, I share the truths and principles that continually help me in my journey to becoming who God destined me to be.  I chose avocado simply because I am a lover of avocados. I use it here as a symbol of food and the business of hospitality.

My name is Abi. I live with my family in Ghana and I am a budding writer. I enjoy good conversations and love good company over food. I enjoy watching food shows and my favorites so far are, Chopped, the Pioneer Woman, Guy’s Grocery Games and Barefoot Contessa.  I try to have a sense of humor only because I love to see people laugh and smile. I am thrilled… (and nervous…a little bit) to welcome you to my very special space. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do. Like, comment and share if you are inspired.

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