Meet Abi Twum-Ampofo

I started writing as early as twelve years old. There was a Cuban girl in my class who would draw for me anytime I wrote short stories and I would give them out to my classmates to read over the vacation. Back then, it was pure fun. Few years later, I stopped writing.  I stopped writing because I stopped believing and then I lost the discipline of reading (thanks digitalization!). I stopped believing firstly that writing was a gift worthy of sharing,  that I had something that the world needed to hear,  that I could be consistent, that my writing would impact others as much as I had wanted it to,  that this was a start to using all that God has blessed me with. The turning point for me was replaying the phrase ‘good and faithful servant’ in my head.

Service  is to use what you  have to be a blessing to others –  no matter how ‘small’ or ‘insignificant’ you think it is.  First, recognize what you have, then don’t downplay it.  No gift is small. No gift is insignificant. The moment I discovered this truth, I was ready to use this gift to create a space that adds value to the lives of others. Faith and Avocado is that space!


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